Affiliate Program

How it Works

For every new customer that you refer to My Will Online, they will get a 20% discount off the price of a Will and you will be paid 20% of what they spend. The normal price of a Will is $120.00, so, the customers you refer will pay $96.00 and you will earn $19.20 for each Will ordered. Or, if they order a will and mirror will, you'll earn $32.00.

Not only will you get a payment for what they spend, you will also be paid 20% of what each person they recommend spends, and also for each person who is recommended by who they recommend. My Will Online Australia will pay you a 20% commission on any My Will Online purchase from anyone that is directly or indirectly recommended to My Will Online up to a maximum of three (3) levels down.

For example, if you introduce 2 people (1st level), who each in turn introduce 2 (2nd level), who each introduce 2 (3rd level) and so on. There would be 2 (1st level), 4 (2nd level), and 8 (3rd level) customers introduced. If each of these 14 customers purchase a will at the discounted price of $96.00, then you will have $19.20 x 14 = $268.80 credited to your My Will Online account ready to claim when you want it.

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing to do, is to register at My Will Online. Once you've registered and logged in, click on the Affiliate Program link (in the footer of the website) to get all the information you need to begin referring your friends and family to My Will Online and to start receiving commission payments.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions